Voluntary Recycling Drop Off Center

The Voluntary Recycling Drop Off Center is located at 378 Atlantic Avenue opposite the Pleasure Bay ball field/playground.

It's operational hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm.

Residents may bring the following items to the Drop Off Center:

  • Cardboard- please flatten and tie in bundles on not more than 50 Lbs.
  • Commingled metal cans, bottle glass and number 1 and/or number 2 plastic bottles. Do not place these items in a plastic bag for disposal at the yard, since they are dumped into a container.
  • Mixed paper consisting of newspaper, junk mail, office paper, magazines, and advertisements.

Electronic items, consisting of TVs, computers, computer monitors, printers, fax machines, and laptops must be recycled under the NJ Electronic Waste Management Act. The City does not collect these items from the curb. They must be brought to the Recycling Drop Off location. Scanners, keyboards, mouse, radios, DVD players, VCR machines are not mandatory under the law, but are encouraged to be recycled. For additional information, see Article on Electronic Waste Management for more details.

Leaves and Tree branches no larger than 6 inches in diameter are accepted from residents with proper ID only; no commercial entities are accepted.