Grass Clippings

Chapter 293 of Solid Waste and Recycling Article II states that grass clippings are not picked up by the City. Clippings can be left on the lawn, added to compost, or brought to the drop-off at the County Reclamation Center for a fee of $3 per car load. Clippings placed in the roadway get washed into the storm drain system causing blockages that can result in street flooding. If clippings land in a curb and gutter area, sweep them up so they don't get into storm drains or carried to nearby water resources where they can negatively impact water quality. Please let your lawn service company know that they can not place grass clippings in the roadway. They may also take them to the County Reclamation Center for disposal.

Grass clippings pile covering storm drain
Grass clippings pile in street