Garbage Pickup

Bulk trash consists of furniture (no pianos), appliances (remove doors from refrigerators), carpeting, hot water heaters, metal, etc., and is limited to eight items at a time. No construction materials will be accepted. Rimless tires (passenger car tires no larger than 16 inches) will be collected and are limited to 4 per pickup. Please separate metal and tires from other bulk trash and place on curb in an orderly manner. In case there is no bulk pickup that week, notice will be given in advance on social media and our website.

Bulk should not be placed at the curb before 5 pm of the day preceding the day of collection. No more than eight items of bulk waste, including containers and/or bags, may be left for collection on each appropriate Wednesday designated for pickup.

Residents may also bring 8 items to the Recycling Center on Atlantic Avenue with proof of residency.

The disposal of mattresses has become a concern due to bedbugs being found on numerous occasions. To protect City workers, residents are required to wrap the mattresses and box springs in plastic sheets, secured with duct tape: Ord. 293-3M(5). They should be placed at the curb for pickup on the scheduled bulk day. Please do not place the items out at the curb more than 24 hours before the pickup. It is a violation of City code. When laying in the rain, they become very heavy to move.

Mattresses that are not wrapped in plastic and secured with tape, will not be taken.