Dumpster Permit Program


The City of Long Branch has passed ORDINANCE NO. 0-15-23, pertaining to Privately Owned Dumpsters/Roll-Off Containers, not owned nor serviced by the City of Long Branch.

“No person shall place or permit a roll-off container/dumpster to be placed upon any street within the City of Long Branch without first obtaining a permit therefor in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter.”

Applications for a permit shall be made online at:  thepermitportal.com

The Director of Public Safety shall issue a permit for the use of a roll-off container/dumpster as a temporary street obstruction prior to the placement thereof, upon satisfactory written application, as follows:

  • Applicants must provide a copy of their valid NJ Driver's License showing the same legal Long Branch address as on the dumpster application.
  • Applications must be accompanied by the required insurance certificates.
  • Applications must include a drawing of the proposed location with the dumpster size.
  • Approval must be granted by the City of Long Branch Police Department Traffic Bureau, after inspection, determining that the proposed use does not constitute a traffic and/or safety hazard.
  • Once approved, the permit portal will generate an email to the applicant with a link to pay a nonrefundable filing fee of $50.

Requirements to note: 

  • The street upon which the dumpster shall rest shall be at least 30 feet wide from curb to curb.
  • The dumpster can be effectively placed parallel to the curb with the street side of the container not more than 8 feet, 6 inches from the adjacent curb.
  • The dumpster shall be equipped with the appropriate required display markers.
  • The dumpster shall not obstruct any part of the sidewalk or areas adjacent to the street.
  • The Director of Public Safety may refuse the issuance of a permit if the placement is likely to constitute a public nuisance or hazard.

Permits will be valid for 14 days. Renewals for an additional 14-day period must be made via email request to traffic@longbranch.org. There is no fee to renew the permit.

The permit shall be conspicuously posted on the job site or container at all times.

The Director of Public Safety may revoke a permit if the roll-off container/dumpster constitutes a public nuisance or hazard, and require its immediate removal.

See O-15-23 for important additional details.