Taxi License Application / Renewal

Taxi License Checklist

The application must be filled out entirely before being processed. Every line and every box must be filled out completely.

Records Bureau is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3:30 pm. Payments must be made by Money Orders only. (No Cash, No Checks, and No Credit/Debit Cards).

Taxi Applicants must be re-fingerprinted every other year. (No Exceptions)

Initial License

  • $75 Processing Fee (money order only)
  • USA Abstract
  • Must have 3 years of Driving Experience in the USA
  • Release Form filled out and Notarized
  • Two Forms of Identification are needed (One form must be a picture ID) like a Passport/City ID/Drivers License.
  • Provide valid taxi registration.
  • Physical By Personal Doctor (with Doctor's stamp)
  • Two Character References (They cannot be related to applicant and cannot reside at the same address as the applicant).
  • Must be a resident of NJ for at least 1 year

Renewal License

  • $50 Processing Fee (money order only
  • USA Abstract
  • Have a second form of ID along with your Taxi License
  • Provide VALID taxi registration
  • Physical By Personal Doctor (Doctor's Stamp), Notary Public Must Notarize 4th Page
  • Two Character References (They cannot be related to applicant and cannot reside at the same address as the applicant)
  • Update Photo
  • Must have 3 yrs of Driving Experience in USA
  • Notary Public must notarize 5th page
  • Take Photo
  • Contributors Case Number (LBPD Receipt Number ) Issued and written on Finger Print Form

1st Page

  • Instructions/Checklist

2nd Page

  • Personal Information of Applicant
  • Full Name - First, Middle, Last Names
  • Full Address - Street Number, Street, City, State, and Zip
  • Phone Number - Area Code + 7 digit Number (best contact number)
  • Date of Application - present date
  • Verification
  • Must be signed by the Manager/Management (NO COPIES OF SIGNATURES)
  • Present Taxi Company Working For
  • Applicants Name Printed

3rd Page

  • Complete Employee Verification Form

4th Page

  • Complete Application for Taxi Driver's License
  • Check "Initial License" or "Renewal License" at top of the page and fill out all
  • Complete Medical Examination (with Doctor's stamp) and get Notary Public section notarized.

5th Page

  • Complete Release Form and get Notary Public section notarized
  • Please set up an appointment for fingerprints after being processed at the Records Department