Virtual Court: What to Expect


You are required to watch the virtual court opening remarks anytime prior to your court session. By joining the virtual session, you are certifying that you have watched the opening remarks.

Attending Municipal Court Remotely: What to Do and What to Expect

In an effort to mitigate public exposure to Covid-19, Long Branch Municipal Court is conducting virtual court sessions. A virtual court session is a legal proceeding and is treated the same as if you were present in the courtroom. The court is using Zoom as the virtual platform to conduct it's proceedings. If you wish to resolve your case virtually, you will not have to physically appear in court. Please call the court at 732-571-6500 to provide the court with the information necessary to get you scheduled for the virtual session.

Before Court

You will receive an invitation to the virtual session at the email address you provide to court staff on the Friday before your scheduled session. The email will include the link to the session as well as the phone numbers to dial into the session. If you provide the court with your phone number, the prosecutor will reach out to you before your virtual appearance.

If you don't already have Zoom downloaded to your smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet, please you may do so upon receiving your emailed court notice. This will avoid any delays on the day of court. If you do not want to download Zoom, you are able to access the session with the emailed link.

You should view the court's opening statements prior to your session. A link has been provided in the invitation as well as at the top of this page.

If an interpreter is needed, please call the court before the session so we can plan accordingly.

Day of Court

Log onto the court session 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. This will allow you the opportunity to resolve any technical issues. Remember to click yes when you get a message from your electronic device asking for permission to access your camera and microphone. Please be in a quiet room to avoid background noise. If possible, use earphones to avoid any feedback. Please be patient, the host WILL let you in as close to the start of your session as possible.

After you are admitted into the main room, you will be muted by the host. The judge will then give instructions for the session and inform you to unmute when your name is called.

After Court

Please allow staff time to enter your disposition into the system as dispositions are not entered until after the court session. If you worked out a payment plan with the judge, the court will mail you the terms of the payment plan with the start date discussed. Make a payment online.