• Full display of Christmas pottery
  • Easter plate paintings
  • Easter bunny vase and mug
  • Easter bunny pottery
  • Close-up of centerpiece craft
  • Christmas pottery on window seal
  • Back wall of gallery next to safe
  • Wreath, snowmen, winter caps pottery
  • Witch hat, jack-o-lanterns and skull pottery
  • Three people talking with eachother
  • Speaker in front of gallery wall
  • Sitting on benches looking at paintings
  • Shore House event booth
  • Shore House centerpiece craft
  • Santa Claus and snowman pottery
  • People mingling in gallery
  • People in corner by booth
  • Lots of people gathered in gallery.
  • I am the art of recovery
  • Halloween and fall pottery
  • Group of people at Shore House booth.
  • Gallery wall with podium
  • Full display of Halloween pottery
  • Full display of Easter pottery

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